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Sweet Materia_Blade
Why i want Materia_Blade!


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Why i want Materia_Blade!
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                   Why i want Materia_Blade!
1. She is a draik and draiks are my favorite neopets!
2.She is a baby neopet and baby neopets are my favorited kind of painted pets.
3.She is at high level- i like to have neopets with a high levels,i like to battle them. But i heal them right away!
4.Strength : EXCELLENT (56)
Defence : EXCELLENT (53)
Movement : EXCELLENT (53)
that is something i like about her also
5. But the mine reason why i want Materia_Blade is because when i look at her it is kinda like she is my kind of pet and she is calling my name. It was like she was meant to be my neopet!


Will now you know why i want her, i could list more but i think 5 is enough if you want more reason you can neomail me or aim me with aim/aol or msn.