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Sweet Materia_Blade
What i would do with Materia_Blade!


The story!
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Why i want Materia_Blade!
What i would do with Materia_Blade!
My Pets
How she would be treated!

   What i would and wouldnt do with Materia_Blade!
          Would do
1.Feed her,breakfast lunch and dinner. And when i know i am going to be gone for a long time i all my pets in teh finest hotels.
2.PLay with her ALOT, like i do with all my pets!They are never board or unhappy.
3.When i am done battlingwith her i would heal her even if she just lost one hit point, most of the time her hitpoints are all the way up!
4.When she got sick i would make her better. No matter what it was she would feel better, i owuld heal her in 5 mins tops.
5.When i make a neohome i will make her own room!
Remeber- I already do this with all my pets!
              Wouldnt do!
1. This is the main thing, i wouldnt even think of disowning her in my life! No matter what! The only way for me to disowne her is if i knew i was being hack than i would let a friend hold on her for a while.
Will you already know what i would do with her that means i dont have to tell you what i wouldnt do with her because already know what i woud do.

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