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Sweet Materia_Blade

The story!
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Why i want Materia_Blade!
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How she would be treated!


Hello, my name is Courtney Eads and I have ben working day and night to make the most perfect requst for Materia_Blade. The reason i want to make a perfect requst is because she is a perfect neopet. Will i have made a story for this wonderfull neopet, and i will tell you many things. Like: Why i want Materia_blade. What i would do with her, and most of all how she and would not be treated! And at the end of the requst i think that you will also think that i am the perfect owner!

I know that i am not the only person who wants this pet, but i really hope i am the new lucky owner!

"I don't like shoyrus"


AIM: sweet_pea484848


My main account: sweet_pea4848 yes Materia_Blade would put on this account!

My oldest account: lil_neo_user_4848



I love this neopet!!
I will prey very night for her to be mine!

What's New?

I will be a great owner!!!
Materia_blade: PLease let me go with Courtney

Materia_blade would be soo happy with me. All my pets are never hungery or board or even sick. If they do get sick i do my best to get them heathy again!

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.